Established in 2012, Malimbe Consulting’s core team and associates come with many years experience of security risk management and security sector reform.

Malimbe Consulting was founded by our Managing Director, Julian Barnard, in response to an increasing demand from clients for solutions that are genuinely tailored to their needs. Many of our clients have found that larger security firms are not able to provide the truly bespoke service we offer. We are also able to provide these services at a lower cost when compared to our competitors.

Our motivation is to facilitate the work of our clients, allowing them to achieve locally beneficial outcomes in the developing world.

The majority of our current clients are engaged in a wide range of development work or commercial activities that bring benefit to local communities within the developing world. These include:

  • Western government development departments
  • Service providers delivering Western government development department programmes
  • NGOs
  • Commercial companies

We have delivered security risk management services and provided security sector reform support in 14 countries until now:

Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Liberia, South Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Libya, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Kenya, Mozambique, Turkey, Syria, Yemen and Pakistan.

Our people come from a variety of military, police and intelligence services backgrounds as well as international organisations, such as the UN.